Wisdom of Pohangia

Image: Philip Rickerby | Creative Commons
Pohangina River near Totara Reserve
So I’ve decided to add some of the poems that arise as I take this journey.


Wisdom of Pohangia

Pohangia from the eons of night you flow.
Rere mai, rere mai.
Your earth and stones heated by the setting sun,
As we sleep, your waters broil.
Percolating the knowledge of learning and time.
Then as you wīwī wāwā your natural flow,
You shape us – the river stones – that need revealing.
Your flow collides us into others that,
Make their mark upon us, as
We make our mark upon them.
Ako we share.
Ako we engage.
Ako we continue on.
And you wash over us, cleansing us.
Removing the sediment that no longer serves us.

Yet your wīwī wāwā natural flow was taking far too long.
A quicker way we thought we could devise.
So we began to put our mark upon you.
Trying to shape you.
Straighten you.
Streamline you.
With dams of PBRF! NZQA! CUAP!
Acronyms galore.
Measuring you.
Fragmenting you.
Modulating you.
“Economic value and growth –
Indicative of success”.

But Pohangia,
You will have the last laugh.
Reminding us,
Whose the boss.
As you flood in your agents of
Values-base, teaching recognition,
Access and equity.
Birthed from the swell of needs.
Releasing the potential,
That was shut out of
Your-our natural flow.
So that once again we
Come together with kin and kindness.
To share and manaaki our manuhiri.
So that our puna wānanga nourishes,
All who drink from our collective wisdom
Kia tū i te manawa.
Here in the Mānawatū.
After all,
He aha te mea nui o te ao?
He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata!

Created at TERNZ 2017 – a collective account of the essence of TERNZ 2017 by the host group Pohangia.



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